Top Microsoft exec says online privacy has reached ‘a crisis point’

A new method of measuring monopolies is just one of the ways Smith said he’d like to see laws change so that big techis better regulated in the United States.House antitrust probe of Big Tech seeks documents from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and GoogleThose changes, Smith said, are necessary in light of the massive power and influence technology now has in society, in business and in government. Smith explores that power in his new bookTools and Weapons: The Promise and the Peril of the Digital Age, co-written with Microsoft senior director of external relations Carol Ann Browne.”I think there are lots of technology companies that have been founded on a desire to do good for the world,” Smith said. “But I also think that there is an opportunity for introspection, because it’s one thing to do what you love to do and be committed to it doing good for the world. It’s another thing to step back and ask the harder questions … Are we[doing good for the world]? Are there unintended consequences?”

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