Modern cybersecurity is inaccessible to smaller companies — and that’s bad for you

We find ourselves in an era when it’s not a question of if but when you’ll get hacked. So, this is also an appropriate moment to stop, look at the state of cybersecurity, and declare — especially for consumers and small businesses — enough is enough!

Big headlines actually obscure the extent to which small businesses and individuals are unprotected. Though the Cambridge Analytica or Equifax hacks both drew a lot of attention, the attacks you don’t hear about do proportionally more damage.

Of small businesses that are hacked, 60 percent close up shop within a year. Moreover, in 2018, 90 percent of internet users aged 24 to 34 found their information on a scan of the dark web. This is not attributed to high-profile breaches but rather to the absence of fairly-priced cyber solutions that can suit a retail-level risk profile. 

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