Your content is always protected in Privacy Chain. However, you may choose to send content to outside users. You have two options:

  • You can send the content Protected. Your recipient will receive the following message:
    • You have received a secure message via Privacy Chain secure email. You can read the message by following the instructions found at this link: LINK. PrivacyChain’s patent-pending secure email and file sharing puts control of your privacy back where it belongs: in YOUR hands. Every email, document or item is a separate encrypted blockchain. You hold the only encryption key. You control who can read, forward or edit your content. Recall emails months or even years after you send them, and they will disappear off of every device. Remember, free software is free… the way cheese in a mousetrap is free! Get PrivacyChain, and take back control of your data and your privacy.
    • Your recipient can then follow the link to activate their Privacy Chain Mail account and read your message. Read-only accounts are free, so you won’t be causing them to pay a fee.
  • You can send the content Unprotected. Your content will be unencrypted and sent to your recipient. They will be able to use it like any other content, because you will have given up all control over its privacy and security.

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